Tighten Your OWN Damned Belt

In a story on talkingpointsmemo.com today, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, speaking about the proposed pay freeze for federal employees, stated, "I wholeheartedly support it. In our office we froze salaries last year. We'll do it again this year. The Senate's gonna do it for a third year I'm sure. With many Americans suffering and not having jobs, worried about losing their jobs, we all have to share the sacrifice."

Well, Senator Nelson:

* If I made $174,000 a year, rather than not much more than one-fourth that salary;
* If I had at my workplace an attending physician at my workplace who saw to all of my medical needs for a flat annual fee of $503 a year, rather than having to pay over $200 every two weeks for health insurance PLUS copays;
* If I owned assets worth a MINIMUM seven-and-a-half MILLION dollars (and a maximum of just under fifteen million--which assets brought me an annual income of $175,000 to $450,000 a year, rather than draining my single bank account and maxing out credit cards to make my bills;
* If I had a 47-member staff (plus interns) to help me carry out even the slightest of my duties, rather than running around my workplace like a headless chicken to get everything done I need to;

... then perhaps I, too, would be just fine with "sharing sacrifice".

Until you are willing to shed foolish and disingenuous rhetoric and to proffer REAL solutions (because screwing two-and-a-half million middle class workers out of money they need to get by in a tough economy will save this country, over two years, five billion dollars. That's not even one-half of one percent of our current budget deficit.), you may feel free to keep your own mammothly-moneyed mouth closed.
When we're facing a flagging economy, greatly increased health costs, political theater like this is something NONE of us can afford.
... well, Senator; YOU'RE rich. maybe YOU could afford it.

But don't tell me to tighten MY belt while you're wearing the Rings of Saturn for YOURS.

[Source: The Senator of Sacrifice's own financial disclosures on Legistorm.com]

On Missing Missives

Yes, a post on this journal from the beginning of the month has been deleted. No; I can't talk about it. If you're one of the many kind people who posted comments, thank you--and I'm sure you'll understand why I had to delete the post.

Speaking of Snacks ...

The world--or at least the internet (the non-kosher, non-halal portion thereof)--is pretty much in agreement that bacon is, for all intents and purposes the ne plus ultra of Yum.

What's just as evident, but not as well-publicized, is that peanut butter is second on that list. From chocolate to pretzels to Thai food, there's very little in the way of comestibles which is not vastly improved by the judicious application of peanut butter.

So--why is there no meeting of the twain? Can anyone ever doubt that a crispy slice of bacon would be not only ennobled but improved by a quick swim in the peanut butter jar? Why does no one capitalize on this? Why did I never make PB&B sandwiches as a child? Why must these two gustatory stimuli, a porcine and legume Romeo and Juliet be kept from one another? Has the President been informed of this discriminatory segregation?

My Wife and I Are Obviously Incompatible ...

... she does not think that securing various bags of snacks to the refrigerator with high-strength rare-earth neodymium magnets is a good idea.

I weep for the lack of innovation and imagination.

(Besides, with the way *I* eat, it's not as if they would have been up there for any length of time.)

State of the Union

As a union steward (Chief Steward for the whole nightshift, among several other titles), I am trained in conflict resolution, the contract, policy, and even labor law.

So what has taken up the lion's share of my workweek?


I shit you not.