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Manic Impressions

The Writings and Ramblings of Alex Jay Berman

Alex Jay Berman
9 December 1971
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I am large; I contain multitudes.

I am a writer. I am a husband. I am a federal employee (working for the most-hated agency in the country not named "The New York Yankees"). I am a union steward. I am, for the union, 3rd Vice President, Chief Steward, Assistant Legislative Coordinator, Webmaster, Communications Director, Political Affairs Coordinator, and several other things to boot--I wear many more hats than the one in my picture. I am an epileptic. I am a Jew. I am a sports fan.

Most importantly, however, I am a friend.

For various reasons, much of this journal is Friends-Only. But I'm easy; I can always use new friends. If I know you and see you here, it's pretty much a given; you're added. If you're someone I see posting with regularity on my friends' journals and you come here, same deal. But if you think you might like what you would see behind the Friends filter, then send me a postcard; drop me a line, stating point of view. You know; indicate precisely what you mean to say; I'll try to reply in one day.
(Sorry; sorry ...)
Just e-mail me, that is.